Gathering Lake Outfitters is one of Canada’s
Top Wilderness Outfitters

As a professional Canadian wilderness outfitter, Terry Huber and his staff at Gathering Lake Outfitters provide their guests with a wide variety of premium hunting and fishing services. One of the opportunities is that of spending time with a true Black Bear Hunting Expert. As a result of our many years of experience, you can rest assured that picking Gathering Lake Outfitters for your next Northern Ontario Fishing vacation or hunting vacation is the best choice you can make. Our all-inclusive hunting and fishing housekeeping packages are designed to provide you with the ultimate hunting and fishing experience of your lifetime whether you are hunting Black Bears or looking for Trophy Walleye, Northern Pike or any of the other species in our waters.

Less pressure means more success

I’m sure you’ve watched those fishing or hunting shows on TV where they are catching fish all day long or getting the trophy bear or moose of a lifetime in Ontario? Well, with Gathering Lake Outfitters you have found that place. As a remote camp we can boast that the fishing and hunting pressure is nearly zero. You might worry that this means it’s nearly impossible to get to the camp, but you don’t need to worry about that as our roads are well maintained and getting to our camp will be a beautiful drive filled with Ontario scenic landscape at every turn.

Gathering Lake Outfitters have been in the business for a long time and as your host, Terry Huber has an excellent reputation for being one of the top Outfitters in Northern Ontario.

Due to his experience, he knows that the only way to keep an operation successful is through hard work and maintaining a great reputation along with ensuring that past guests promote the camp through word of mouth.

Our focus on fishing is such that we don’t just offer our main lake to fish on, but rather, we also provide a wide variety of expeditions for our guests. To this end, you can visit with us at Gathering Lake and enjoy catching limits of Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Perch, and Whitefish daily. All packages include cabin, boat and motor. To add variety to your trip, we also provide access to a variety of other lakes in the area and allow you access to these lakes by providing trailered boats that you simply have to hitch up on your own vehicle. While the fishig is plentiful as with any new body of water we recommend you go with a guide for a day or two to learn the how the bite is working.

We are located in the famous Lake Nipigon water shed which is one of the most productive fishing areas in Ontario. Gathering Lake is an excellent fishing spot for many species, but we have access to over 18 additional lakes for your fishing adventures.

Not only do we provide you with the ultimate fishing trip, but our focus on hunting is second to none, whether it’s bear, moose, timber wolf or grouse, we’re sure that Gathering Lake Outfitters is your best choice for a hunting vacation in Northern Ontario. Our most popular hunt is the black bear hunt and we offer over 300 baited sites. As one of the leading Ontario Outfitters, Gathering Lake has a great reputation for high success rates and trophy bears. We track and retrieve your Trophy Ontario Bear for you along with skinning and freezing services. The packages at Gathering Lake are complete with a housekeeping cabin and a boat and motor to enjoy our excellent fishing in the mornings before going on stand. Similarly, our moose hunting, timber wolf hunting and grouse hunting provide great opportunities combined with all-inclusive housekeeping packages to enjoy yourself.

Come join us for your northern adventure,
Terry Huber – Gathering Lake Outfitters

Family With Lots Of Walleye

Group Of Moose Hunter With Moose

Woman With Hunted Black Bear