Northern Pike Fishing

Gathering Lake Outfitters provides you with incredible Ontario Northern Pike fishing opportunities! Our housekeeping resort is ideally situated close to the best spots to fish for giant, trophy Northern Pike. When you stay with us at Gathering Lake Outfitters, you can be sure that we will be there to help you enjoy a great Northern Ontario fishing vacation and point out some unique spots to catch some of the biggest Northern Pike you have ever seen.

Northern Pike is a carnivorous type of fish native to Northern America. Pike loves brackish water and freshwater, both of which is readily available within the surrounding of Gathering Lake Outfitters. Younger, juvenile Northern Pike feed on such small invertebrates as daphnia, which also abound in the lakes that are near Gathering Lake Outfitters. As the juvenile fish grow a little older they start feeding on isopod crustacean such as asellus and an amphipod crustacean such as gammaruse.

There are many other wonderful tips you can fall back on the next time you wish to catch Northern Pike. However, the above are the best we know. We have tried and tested them over and over again to great success. In fact, we give our guests a quick run through to ensure they have higher chances in their Northern Pike fishing Ontario adventures.

Northern Pike typically inhabit large bodies of water, such as sluggish streams and lakes. They prefer clear cold water, and will hide around rocks and weed beds. They prefer these structures on account of the predatory nature. As popular game fish, Northern Pike ought to be handled with great care. This is on account of their powerful jaws, sharp teeth and rather snappy character. If you have any questions about handling a pike you have caught or will be catching, Terry or any of the other staff at Gathering Lake Outfitters would be happy to help you.

What to expect on your Northern Pike Fishing Trip

Great fishing and a helpful outfitter. Gathering Lake Outfitters will ensure your stay with us is a memorable one. Gathering Lake is a beautiful, remote isolated area of Northern Ontario site that is filled with many fishing opportunities, including the opportunity to catch some trophy sized Northern Pike.

Gathering Lake has been helping our guests catch Northern Pike for many years now and you can rest assured that our collective experience, accentuated by both field and online research, will ensure a memorable fishing vacation with us.

For anyone new to our area it is always recommended that you fish with a guide for the first day or two so you can get a feel for how the bite works.