Most anglers know that there is one species of fish that excites them the most, that being the feisty Walleye. If you’re searching for the best place to fish for Walleye in Ontario, then you need to consider Gathering Lake Outfitters. Our remote location translates to low fishing pressure so we can maintain a healthy population of Walleye and other species of fish to entice you. The lakes surrounding Gathering Lake Outfitters are typical of the classic Ontario and Canadian Shield structure – which the walleye absolutely adore; and the remote location ensures the longest growing season possible for these fish. This is why walleye near Gathering Lake Outfitters tend to grow bigger and faster.

Our lodge is located in the middle of the prime walleye fisheries in Ontario, and our goal at Gathering Lake Outfitters is to provide you with exceptional outfitting services whether you choose a fishing or hunting vacation with us. Many trophy walleye come out of Gathering Lake yearly. For our nearby remote lakes, we have 14 ft. and 16 ft. boats, trailer mounted for your use. All you need is a 2″ ball to tow them into the lakes and the roads leading to these waters is such that any two-wheel drive vehicle is sufficient. Walleye in our area are typically within the 17-22 inch range with 30″ trophy Walleye being common. The great population of monster walleye in the lakes surrounding our lodge means that our guests often land a lunker almost anywhere.

Gathering Lake Outfitters prides themselves on their conservation efforts and as a catch and keep/catch and release lodge, we always strive to protect our healthy population of walleye. We kindly request that our guests release all walleye larger than 17 inches to ensure the continued growth of this prime breeding size. However, this should not trouble you as there are tons of 16 inch walleye that you can keep for breakfast and/or shore lunch. This conservation policy is only designed to improve the fishing experience for all of our guests going forward.

Proud Walleye Fisherman