There’s Many other Species in the waters of
Gathering Lake Outfitters

Lake Trout Fishing Ontario Canada

Aside from the incredible numbers of both Walleye and Northern Pike, Gathering Lake Outfitters also affords you the opportunity to fish for many other species of fish, including Lake Trout, Jumbo Perch and Whitefish.

Our many local lakes provides the forage base, structure, and water that attracts the largest populations of giant Lake Trout. These enormous fish swim at shallow depths during their high season, you can be sure that when you come over, you are going to have the time of your life catching them. The proof is in the scores of 20 to 50 lb trophy Lake Trout that our guests have been able to land during each season.

In particular, Lake Trout fishing is highly popular in these regions on account of the fact that the local lake offers a wide range of angling for fly and conventional fishermen alike. What is more, in both the rivers and the lake, you will be able to use light and medium heavy tackle, and the widest variety of techniques to capture this huge and delicious quarry. All season long Lake Trout running 4 to 10 pounds can be caught in the waters surrounding Gathering Lake Outfitters and provide excellent action while jigging and casting. Virtually the entire stretch of the pristine lake shoreline holds these wonderful swimmers, making easy work of the fishing experience.

Our guests are always thrilled to see these tough and hard-fighting swimmers slam lures on top, and are often amazed by the large number they are able to catch.

Once you are braced to do battle with these monster Lakers, casting or trolling large crank baits and spoons or jigging buck tail jigs will work perfectly for you. During spring, all through to the end of fall, therefore, you can be sure to catch trophy fish even in the shallowest of waters.

For more information on how to land these heart pounding species, visit our fishing tips page.

Man Holding Lake Trout

Jumbo Perch Fishing

Sooner or later our clients always get into a great school of Jumbo Yellow Perch while fishing one of the many hot spots in and around Gathering Lake Outfitters. This is a family fishing favorite at our lodge. Jumbo Perch are easy to catch, easy to land and everyone has a blast and boy do they taste great up here in the clean, clear waters of Northern Ontario. There’s nothing better than to add a stringer of jumbo Perch to your limit of Walleyes and Northern Pike. We offer many areas to find larges schools of Perch and just enjoy the day with the beautiful Ontario Scenery that exists here at Gathering Lake Outfitters.

What angler hasn’t started out by sitting on a dock and fishing with a simple hook and a worm under a red and white bobber for sunfish, bluegill, bullheads, rock bass, or other panfish? Ontario has a long list of small fry that offer dependable action for the whole family. Bring your family to Ontario for a Perch Fishing trip to remember.

Big Perch Fish


We have outstanding whitefish fishing at Gathering Lake Outfitters. Our clients enjoy Lake Whitefish out of the two species offered at our Ontario fishing lodges. Our experienced guides will show our clients how to have the opportunity to catch whitefish in the 5 to 10 pound range with trophy sized fish being very common. Whitefish have a small sucker-looking mouth about the diameter of your thumb. Anglers use lures small enough to fit in their small mouth. The best time to catch these fighters are in June at depths of 50 to 60 feet down. Don’t ignore how great it is to fish for these, they give you quite a battle and they taste great too!

Man Holding Whitefish